How to create an Accent/ Feature wall in your space

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In today’s blog, I am going to tell you how you can create an accent wall in your space. First, of wall let’s know what is an accent wall. An accent wall aka the feature has a different design in terms of the designs of the other walls.  An accent wall acts as the focal point of the room and your eyes are easily drawn towards them.

You have to do a few simple things and your wall will be ready in no time to create an impact. Let us see how you can create an accent wall in your room.

Key point

Choose the right wall. The wall behind the bed is the perfect wall for an accent wall for your bedroom if your room size is small. For bigger bedroom space or any other space, it is important for you to find the natural focal point of the room. Your eyes should be naturally drawn towards them. If you won’t choose the right wall the effect won’t be the same as you have desired.

Paint the wall with different colour

Paint can be the best and cheapest option for your room decor. If you want to create a visual impact within not time and less hassle, painting the walls can be one of the options. Paint one wall using a different colour from rest of the room (matte finish for a better look)  and see how much difference it creates. Don’t go for garish and bright colours. It might destroy the look of your room.

A teal accent wall behind the bed creates visual drama and provides a theme for rest of the room ( Soure-@avestyles c/o @decoristofficial)

Use Wallpaper or Wall stickers

Wallpapers can be a cheaper and most lucrative item for your bedroom wall. A beautiful layer of the wallpaper on your wall can change the entire look of your room in no time. You just have to select the right pattern and texture.

Today there are so many different wallpapers available. Metallic look, rustic look, floral pattern, abstract pattern and much more. Select one of your choice keeping in mind the mood of your room.

Birch tree wallpaper looking simple yet elegant (Source-homedit)

Wall stickers can also be another option for your perfect space. The best thing about wall stickers are, they are cheap and you can create a theme on a wall using them .

Use wall stickers to create a theme (Souce-kampar)

Use stencils to create pattern

If you don’t want to spend money to buy to wallpapers you can buy stencils or you can make your own stencils and can create the pattern of your desire. It will add a very rich and beautiful look to your room. And your eyes will be naturally drawn towards them.

Patten created by stencil beneath the staircase makes it accent wall (Source-hgtv)

Use of different materials to create accent wall

You can use different materials like tiles, laminated panels, leather panels, stone tiles, 3D tiles to create an accent wall. They look beautiful once they are installed.

Stone cladded accent wall (Source-decoist)
Laminate panelling for accent look (source-archiki)
3D tiles creating a focal point -Source-homehub 

Use of 3D Wall Mural

This is one of the best ways to create a 3D look on the wall without sacrificing your space. These are printed sheets that get stick to the wall and looks amazing.

3D Mural creating an accent wall for the television (Source-watwa)

Use Art work to accentuate your wall

If you love painting and can draw you can show your skill on your wall to make it beautiful. If you are sceptical about that you can frame your various art work and in different sizes and can adorn your wall.


You can also use picture frame to make a tree and can accentuate your wall


Follow these simple tips and add a value to your wall and let them speak for you… 🙂 🙂


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