6 Tips to design a Hookah Bar


A hookah bar can be a destination not only for shisha smokers but also it can be a place for relaxing and refreshing…chilling out with friends and having a social gathering…The sound of the music…lighting creating a visual drama in the eyes of the visitors creates a wonderful impact on the visitor’s mind and create a wonderful experience for them.

Designing a hookah bar for was my first ever bar project that  I did after I quit my job to pursue my masters … The project was very challenging and very interesting… Why…?? First of all, I had never designed any bar while working in an organisation… Secondly I was involved in the entire process from conceptual layout to working drawing to site execution, finalising the material for the finishes etc. And thirdly the most interesting part was the shopping… selection of pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures and many other things. The challenge was to find the best product for the very small price.

It was a small project in an area of 900 sq.ft having a very tight budget because the area was rented so we had to retain as many things as we can and limited time frame that was 2 months. The project went well and it was an over all good experience for me.  Here I am going to share few tips that you can keep in mind while designing a hookah bar.

Few tips to keep in mind while designing hookah bar

1-Furniture layout

Capture (1)
Hookah bar furniture layout

1-Lay your furniture in such a way that it’s not creating any circulation problem.

2-Create a simple furniture layout, by this visitors, won’t have any problem while moving from position to another.

3-Create an unhindered space for the way to the washroom and to the bar counter.

4-Provide sufficient seating space for seating so that visitors can sit comfortably.

5-Take proper measurement of the site before buying the furniture so that there is no space problem when you place them. Also, check the size of the door just to make sure your furniture can pass through it.

6-Avoid putting any artefact of decorative items within the circulation zone.

7-Hookah bar is a place for social gathering also so most visitors will come in groups. It will be wonderful if you will provide private zones with a circular table where they can enjoy hookah together.

2-Selection of furniture

Select comfortable and durable furniture for Hookah Bar

1-Select comfortable furniture to sit. If the visitors are comfortable sitting there they will spend long hours…that means they are going to order more food and drink resulting more profit.

2-For table top, go with marble top or glass top. Don’t go for wooden table top because ask from hookah can spoil the furniture.

3-Choose types of furniture which are sturdy and can last longer.

4-Dark coloured furniture will cover the stain.

3-Flooring material selection

Flooring material should be easy to clean for Hookah Bar

1.Use flooring material which is easy to clean, sturdy and durable. Tiles, marbles, granite, vinyl flooring can be a better option.

2.The bar is a high traffic area, therefore, don’t go for carpet flooring, it creates a maintenance and cleaning issue after some time.

3.Use dark coloured flooring material, it will hide the stain and won’t look bad.

4-Create an interesting decor theme

 Comic book themes 

1.Create a theme within the space. Using varied colours, lighting etc. it will create interest amongst the visitors.

2.You can also use varied themes like EgyptianBohemian, Zombie etc.to dramatise your space. This will create a visual story for the visitors and will keep them captivating.

3.You can ask your artist to draw as per your desired theme or you can use 3D digital printing to create the mood of the space.

5-Interesting Lighting effect


1-Lighting alone is capable of setting the mood of the visitors.

 2-Colour changing LED lights, incandescent lights, dim lights can create a relaxed atmosphere encouraging customers to sit and chill for a longer duration.

3-Downligters above the table, led candles are perfect to create the beautiful ambience.

4-Fluorescent Light is not suitable for space.



1-The Proper ventilation system is needed for the space to cater the smoke. Although hookah smoke is not as strong as cigar smoke still air filter (for smaller space like 1000sq ft.) should be installed to better functioning of the space.

2-If using a fan on high wall or ceiling …keep in mind that you are not using any fabric on false ceiling.

3-A better cooling system as per the space requirement. Consult HVAC consultant if space is huge.




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