Everybody wants to stay in a space where they can fit their entire item, (all the basic things they need from life) and still their space is not complaining about that.

If you are living in a space which is big, it gives you more reason to smile because your room is smiling.

The problem arises when you are living in a small room and you find all your belongings scattered here and there because you think you don’t have enough space to hide them.

Good news is although you can not control the square footage of your space but you have control over how small or big your space will look.

With few design tips and organisational ideas you can make you space look bigger. Here I am going to share few design tips that will help you to make your space look bigger and will organised.

Here my focus will be on designing a small bedroom, but you can follow these tips to make any space look bigger.


It means remove all the unnecessary items from the room. Think about things that you have been piling up for years, thinking someday you are going to use them

Kick them out because you don’t need them. If you would have needed them, it wouldn’t have been lying in the corner for years.

Go minimalist. Less is more thinking will give your room some more breathing space. Keeping only those things that are important will create rooms for other important things.


Neutral color tone always helps to widen the space. White color tones can really help to make your space more airy.

In case, you want to add colors, go for colors that reflect light, not absorb. Otherwise it will narrow down your room.

Follow the theme

Avoid too many colors in one room. It will make your space look cluttered and unorganized and definitely not pleasing to eyes.

It will be safer if you follow a color theme (a neutral color theme is always safe). Follow them from walls to ceiling, from a piece to furniture to throws and pillows. It will make your room look bigger and also put together at the same time.

You can add colors by using a couple of accent pillows/ cushions or one big painting using bright colors will also work. It will definitely look charming and will brighten the space.

You can even paint one wall of your room with one accent color, keeping in mind that it reflects light.

Choose pattern wisely

Avoid bold patterns or too many different patterns in the same room. It won’t be helpful at all.

Patterns if not being used properly, can be a disaster. If you want to add some pattern in your room, choose neutral color and go monochromatic. It will look good and will satisfy your need of using pattern.


If your room is not having enough floor space, it will be wise if you choose the furniture which can do multi-functional things.

In-spite of buying a chair, look for stools that can also be used for storage purposes. A height adjustable table that can be a coffee table and study table when ever you want.

Buy bed, with storage space or prefer bed with space underneath where you can hide your stuff. Don’t keep your bedding on the floor. It will eat some your storage space.

Let you floor space breathe. Use wall hung furniture, like wall hung side tables, wall hung foldable study table can be an option for you.


Add some more height in your room by using full-height curtains. A room with beautiful window treatment looks really nice.

You can bring colors, texture and pattern at the same time by doing window treatment.

Use neutral color tone fabric, or use light colors if you want to bring some colors in your space. Don’t go for bold pattern. They won’t look. In case you like bold patterns, be very careful with them.


I always emphasize on creating a focal point in the space, where your eyes are naturally drawn. They look good, give your room new dimension and are capable of hiding the flaws of your space.

One huge painting on the wall can change the look of your room. You can create focal point by using wall papers, paintings, accent colors etc.

Follow the link if you want to know how to create and accent wall.

Wall paneling will eat your space. Still, if you think you have space and want to do paneling, finish it with neutral color tone and reflective material.


A room with good lighting always look bigger than the room with insufficient light. Bring natural light in if you have windows in your room.

You can use different lighting fixtures like wall mounted, ceiling mounted to bring light in you room.

I always prefer white light over warm white in my room. You can use the combination of both if you like warm white light.

White light gives clear visibility of things which will eventually make your space look bigger.


Correct uses of mirrors can do wonders in your space. They look really beautiful, brightens up the space and also creates an illusion of some more space.

There are so many beautiful and designer mirrors are available in the market. You can use on of those.


If your room has too many small furniture, or too many different sized shelves/ cupboard to keep all your stuff, its definitely going to look awful and messed up.

It’s better if you make one huge wardrobe along one wall. It might reduce few square footage of your space, but its totally worth it.

Your entire item, like your shoes, your daily nitty gritty, your clothes, your bags, your every basic necessity can be organised there and no body will know.

Make sure you finish your wardrobe will light color/ reflective material.


No matter how beautiful stuff you add in your room, if your room is untidy, it’s not going to look good neither it’s going to look big. That’s why I have added this point at the last. It has nothing to do with your designing skill but with your life style skill.

Keep your room clean, put your things well organised and see how nice your room looks with-out adding too many design elements.

For a small room I don’t prefer open closet, because open closets are always difficult to maintain and secondly too many exposed in-organised items on a wall will not be pleasing at all.

But it’s a personal choice. You can add open shelving in your room to make your room airy but keep in mind, shelves should not be too deep, colors should not be too dark.



  1. I love your living room ideas and especially the color combinations blending sofas and curtains. And th
    e bedroom ideas too.


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